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Tool Functions

Unsure how to work some of our tools? Check out our tool functions videos below or contact us if you have any more questions.

Circular Saw

Circular saw - Fence attachment

Circular Saw - Cutting Angle

Circular Saw- Attaching dust bag

Circular Saw - Trigger lock, Trigger release

Circular Saw-Insert battery

Circular saw - Depth adjustment

18g Nailer

18g nailer-trigger lock, trigger release

18g nailer-Firing nail

18g nailer-nail depth setting

18g nailer- single fire or multi fire setting

18g nailer-pressure release

18g nailer-insert nails

18g Nailer - Insert battery

16g Nailer

16g nailer-Single fire, multi fire

16g nailer-Trigger lock, trigger release

16g nailer- Pressure release

16g nailer-Depth adjustment

16g nailer-firing nail

16g nailer-Insert nails

16g nailer-Insert battery


router-turn on,off

router-insert and remove cutter

router-speed setting

router-plunge and release lever

Router- Depth setting (1)

router- insert battery

router-attaching dust extraction attachment

router-changing collet size

router-fitting guide bush(used with worktop jig)

Combi Drill

Combi Drill - Insert drill bits

Combi Drill - Trigger release, forward & reverse

Combi Drill- Torqe setting

Combi Drill-Speed Setting

Combi Drill-Insert battery


Extractor-Insert battery

Extractor-On, Off

Extractor-Emptying dust collector

First Fix Nail Gun

first fix nail gun-how to fire nail

first fix nail gun-insert battery

first fix nail gun-nail depth setting

first fix nail gun-pressure release

first fix nail gun-single fire or multi fire setting

first fix nail gun-trigger lock,trigger release

First fix nailer - Speed setting

first fix nailer-insert nails

First fix nailer-Firing

Floor Stapler

Floor stapler-Single fire or multi fire

Floor stapler- Firing

Floor stapler- Trigger lock, Trigger release

Floor stapler-Floor thickness adjustment

Floor stapler-Insert battery

Floor stapler-Insert nails

Floor stapler-Nail depth adjustment

Floor stapler-Pressure release

Hammer Gun

hammer gun-drill settings

hammer gun-front grip adjustment

hammer gun-insert battery

hammer gun-changing drill bit

hammer gun-on,off

Impact Gun

Impact Gun - Screw bit change

Impact Gun - Trigger release, forward & reverse

Impact Gun-Insert battery (1)

Impact Gun-Insert battery


Jigsaw - Blade angle

Jigsaw - Blade change

Jigsaw - Cut angle adjustment

Jigsaw - Dust blower

Jigsaw - Trigger lock, trigger release

Jigsaw-insert battery

Laser Level

Laser level-Attaching magnetic bracket

Laser level-Laser settings

Laser level-Using laser receiver

Mitre Saw

Mitre saw-Trigger release

Mitre saw- Catch release

Mitre saw- Dust bag attachment

Mitre Saw- Insert battery

Mitre saw-Angle adjustment

Mitre saw-Bevel angle adjustment

Mitre saw- Material clamp

Mitre saw- Shadow light on and off

Multi Tool

Multi tool-Insert battery

Multi tool - Blade change

Multi tool-Trigger lock, trigger release

Orbital Sander

Orbital sander- Attaching dust bag

Orbital sander- Speed setting

Orbital sander-Attaching sanding disc

Orbital sander-Insert battery


Planer - Depth setting

Planer - Dust attachment

Planer - Fence attachment

Planer - Trigger lock, trigger release

Planer - Insert Battery

Plunge Saw

plunge saw-saw position on guide rail

plunge saw- turn on, off

plunge saw-angle setting

plunge saw-blade speed

plunge saw-depth setting

plunge saw-insert battery

Quarter Sheet Sander

Quarter sheet sander- Dust attachment

Quarter sheet sander-Insert battery 1

Quarter sheet sander-On, off

Quarter sheet sander- Attaching sheet sandpaper

Quarter sheet sander-speed settings