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About Us

Toolbox hire was started by its 2 founders with the following goals in mind.

With these 4 targets in mind they were able to build an idea into the business that you are reading about today. All the tools that Toolbox Hire rent are battery operated helping keep the customers use of electricity low and minimize impact on the environment from harmful emissions.

Toolbox Hire whether you are in one of the stores or using our online renting option should feel as easy as possible to use for the ultra-experienced, trained professional or the first time DIY weekend hero! The preset boxes are designed to take out the pressure of having to think of all the tools you require for your task and leaving you to get the kettle on while your order is either being prepared for collection or you are taking advantage of our free delivery/collection service.

We like to think we are helping avoid the power tools that have had their single use for one project and then either discarded or stored not to be used again for years and years become less common. These single use tools can be very expensive for the customer’s pocket not to mention the effect they have on our planet! A single use tool has to get manufactured, packaged, shipped, sold and then discarded which the two founders feel Toolbox hire helps to reduce this process by supplying reusable, battery operated multiple use tools to help either the trained professional or the DIYer who knows all they need is the correct tools to undertake their next project whatever the size.


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Any additional items that are purchased along with the rented tools are packaged in recycled paper bags along with the customer’s order. Toolbox hire has also tried to promote as many eco alternatives as possible working closely with their suppliers from ecofriendly packaged sealants and adhesives to bamboo multi-purpose wipes. Every day we are striving to become just that little bit more green in the way we operate along with the products we sell and hire to our customers.

Toolbox Hire the modern tool hire business!